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    Multi-functional sites with grand views

    For diversified forest experiences.

    Tour in hunting trails

    Follow the tribal people into the forest, experience the wisdom that hunters live peacefully in Nature.

    Tree-climbing within the forest

    Embrace a big tree by climbing techniques, enjoy the intimacy with Nature.

    A love story with earth, Gao Shan Forest Center

    The vision of the founder, Tiang Ma.

  • Gao Shan, a Bunun clan in Jici

    There is a small village called Jici, where different aboriginal people live, located on the East coast of Taiwan. We are the Bunun clan who lives there, and situated ourselves in Gao Shan. The earliest lives of our people had always been in the deep woods, which made us skillfully in plantation and hunting; we are always intimately bonded with Mother Nature.
    About 80 years ago, our forefather hiked over the mountains and settled themselves still in the deep woods, Jici, but also closer to the sea. As then on, we learned and knew about the ocean life. Our forefathers used to joke that we are the hunters who can cast fishnets. We brought our own story into this land and lived closely and harmoniously with other clans. Because of our own immigration history, it allows us to treat our land in an open-minded way; we hope to help make the village a better place through various collaboration.

  • The birth of the The Gao Shan Forest Center

    In the year of 2017, “a tribal child”, Tiang, formed and built the Gao Shan Forest Center. He wished to share the cultural of Bunun and hoped to create a tribal industry. Fortunately, there are many nature and culture lovers, who came to join the project, and to develop various activities based in the forest.
    The center is located on the coastal mountains, facing the Pacific Ocean, with a grand view. The main site is eco-friendly designed, and it’s a multi functional camping space. The ongoing activities at the present are: tree climbing, archery, adventure trails, ecology tours, etc. The surrounding forests maintain their natural condition and hold a beautiful mountain/ocean view. The center is about 20 minutes walk from the main road. The weather temperature is the same as on the flat land, which is the same as the forest of low-altitude.

  • Our vision

    We are the forest lovers and and looking forward to professional collaborations, and we actively carry out all kinds of forest experience services:
    * Improve the main venue facilities, balance between comfort and raw nature, take care the forest and move towards sustainability.
    *Provide: diversified experience relates to nature, outdoor adventures for business/corporate team, activities for kids-and-family, nature survival courses.* *Make plan for casual-oriented activities, take care travelers, who come from the city, interested in Aboriginal culture, and want to have unique forestry experiences.

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    Into the Forest, into the SELF.


    Field Archery


    Tour in Hunting Trails


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    Tiang Ma

    Founder and Executive Director

    Jasper Hsu

    Director of Programs

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